Shop Class Can Be A Start To A Woodworking Career

Just a few decades ago, most high schools in the United States offered shop class for boys. Girls were given the opportunity to take home economics. The reasoning behind this was that boys were expected to have some knowledge about machinery and the craft of making objects from wood, while girls learned to cook and keep house. Occasionally, some shop teachers would let their boys learn about cars and how to change a tire or a spark plug. Eventually, when vocational-technical programs became part of the established school system, many boys and girls began to take each others’ classes. What can students learn about woodworking in a vo-tech class? One can learn the craft of woodworking that the student can apply to becoming a carpenter by moving from a vo-tech program to an apprentice carpenter. The tutor saliba learning method can be used in teaching carpentry to students through oral, visual and auditory methods. That is really impressive for two reasons.

The first reason is that one will have gained usable skills that one can use to get work. Those skills that are learned in a woodworking program can also be used in maintaining ones home or in building objects in ones home. The second reason is that one can become an apprentice to a carpenter. Working with a carpenter will give an apprentice the skills and training that are needed to become a crafts person in woodworking. An apprentice can use his training to become a master carpenter and make a living as a craftsperson.

Those two reasons are what one can expect after one completes a program in woodworking. While taking the classes, the student will learn skills like operating machinery used in carving wood or in smoothing wood. The student will also learn how to stain wood and what is involved in protecting the wood’s surface from the air or from water. The instructor will teach his students how to plan their next project. Part of planning their woodworking project involves deciding on how much one can afford to spend on their project. The instructor will let his students know what they will need in terms of supplies and how much they will cost. Learning about the price of materials is a very important lesson. If one were to begin to use ones woodworking skills to make money, one would need to know how much to charge and that involves knowing how much one will spend on ones supplies. The class instructor will also let his students know how much carpenters charge for their services.

Becoming familiar around machinery and learning how to plan and execute a project is just part of what the student will learn in a woodworking program that uses the tutor saliba learning method. Learning skills that one can use to plan a future career is another important lesson that a student will learn by taking a vo-tech program in woodworking.