Popular Teens Magazines

Looking for popular teens magazines? Today, teen magazines have become more popular than ever. Millions of teen Americans are avid readers of these teen magazines because of the entertainment they provide. Here are some of the most popular teen magazines today:

Cicada Magazine

Cicada is a magazine made especially for teens and young adults that are aged 14 and up. It provides readers with high=quality creative works in fiction and poetry dealing with various growing up issues. This magazine is best for those who appreciate good writing. The stories and poems are written by adult and teen authors, which offer a new perspective about teenage life.

American Cheerleader Magazine

American Cheerleader is a must have magazine for cheerleaders. It provides information related to cheerleader training and health advice. With every issue of the magazine, you can find routines, stuns, tips during competition, beauty tips, advice on raising money, among many others. It has an estimated audience of more than 3 million across the nation as it is the one and only magazine today dedicated to cheerleading. This magazine is best for girls and guys between 12 to 20 years old who have a passion for cheerleading and is aspiring to become one.


J-14 is your typical teen magazine. You have the most common, but very interesting features such as teen gossip, fashion, quizzes, posters, hot couples and celebrities. J-14 is a comprehensive magazine that is filled with entertainment that teens and young adults are sure to appreciate.

Teen Graffiti Magazine

The main selling point of this magazine is that it provides teens the opportunity to publish their creative works and their opinions on the most important issues that affect their lives. These issues include family, love, community, smoking, and many others.

Junior Baseball Magazine

Who says teen magazines are just for girls? Baseball lovers aged 7 to 16, their parents and their coaches will definitely appreciate Junior Baseball Magazine. This magazine is packed with lots of tips and advice for players in order to improve their baseball performance – from hitting to pitching, throwing to fielding, and everything else in between. It also contains feature on information related to almost every aspect of a basketball game. Truly a must for sports and baseball-inclined young adults.