Miniature Porcelain Dolls

Miniature enthusiasts collect many things, from miniature houses, furniture and ornaments to miniature trains, soldiers and horses. Miniature dolls are one of the most popular items for collectors. There are 1 inch, ½ inch and even ¼ inch dolls. Many are made of resin but the most beautiful ones are miniature porcelain dolls.

If you have a dollhouse, you can use your dolls to decorate your house with. You can stand a maid in the kitchen, sit a grandfather in a chair reading a book and stand the lady of the house either in the hall or she could be in the dining room decorating the dining table with beautiful flowers. However many miniature enthusiasts don’t own a dollhouse and just collect miniature porcelain dolls to sit them on their shelves around their house, on their coffee table or in their display cabinet. You may choose between standing dolls, sitting dolls and some may even lie down. Most of these dolls are beautifully dressed in pink, mauve and crème or if they are men in black or brown suits.

Some miniature porcelain dolls have a soft body and only the head, the hands and feet are made of porcelain. Some dolls are made of porcelain all over. You have to be very careful when handling these precious miniatures.

You can buy these dolls as finished miniatures but also as kits and assemble them yourself. If you buy a kit you have to paint their face and you may want to sew their garments, make their hats and any other accessories. If you don’t want to make the dress or suit, you can buy beautiful outfits and dress your doll after you’ve assembled it. It’s good to have more than one outfit for each doll, so you can change their look when you feel like it.