Got to have plans for woodworking projects


You have long weekend coming up and you plan to do a woodworking project of what ever it may be. You go to the lumber store and get the lumber you think you might need. Besides it’s a small project like work bench for the garage. You start building your work bench, at first it was just a simple bench then you started adding features to it like a drawer. Then you run out of lumber and time. Why, because you did not have a woodworking project plan. I wish I had one when I started my simple work bench project.

Having a woodworking project plan would have saved me time and money. I wouldn’t have to go back to the lumber store to get more lumber. The long weekend turned into a really long weekend, especially when I had other plans for the same weekend. My wife wasn’t to happy with me either. Some woodworking plans even will give you a time line of how long the project may take to complete. This would have really helped me.

The quality of your work goes down when you don’t have a woodworking project plan. You fly be the seat of your pants when doing a project without plans. Only Expert Carpenters can do this and do it well and I’m not one of them. As a beginner woodworker, you will make mistakes so a good project plan is the first tool to have before you get anything else. By doing this you will save time and increase the quality of your projects, and saving money at the same time. You won’t have wasted lumber because you will know exactly how much lumber to get and what cuts to make when building your project.

Having a woodworking project plan will let you focus on the project and not worrying about the potential mistakes that could happen. In the end you will be much satisfied with your work and not stressed out when you have woodworking project plan.