Fourth Quarter Of 2009, Steadily Move Up The Machinery Of Industrial Economy

2009 in the fourth quarter, China’s equipment manufacturing industry, stable and healthy economy, the overall rise progressively and steadily move up the situation.

Machinery Industry Become the first out of all industry categories in the international financial crisis has seriously affected one of the industries on the overall recovery of our economy, stimulating. National policy guidance and support to become a substantial rebound in machinery industry, a powerful motivating factor.

2010, the number of major projects affecting people’s livelihood, such as high-speed rail, nuclear power, power grids,

Environmental protection Such investment remains high, the demand on the machinery industry remains strong. Machinery industry continued rapid growth is the main tone.

The overall development of good posture

In equipment manufacturing sentiment index by the report, the fourth quarter of 2009, the equipment manufacturing industry sentiment index was 99.7 points, early warning index was 93.3 points higher than those in the third quarter decreased slightly. This reflects the current development situation of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, well, the industry’s stable and healthy economy, the overall rise progressively and steadily move up the situation.

Machinery China Machinery Industry Federation Information Center for Interpretation of the Director of the White Bay as in the fourth quarter of 2009, after the equipment manufacturing industry in the climate index report, said: “In 2009, national implementation of the proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy appropriate , as well as equipment manufacturing,

Car Industry, shipbuilding industry restructuring and revitalization planning and other related support policies have been put forward to promote the development of China’s machinery industry. In this backdrop, China’s machinery industry to grasp opportunities policy, reversing the order substantially reduced business revenue, plummeting economic situation, turned to sustained rebound, rebounded sharply, rising high growth channel. “

Machinery industry statistical data also confirmed the good situation of the industry rebounded significantly. According to reports, in 2009 Machine 1? February, 1? May, 1? August and 1? November’s main business revenue growth was a negative 0.87%, respectively, 4.23%, 7.62% and 13.52%, industry profits negative growth rate of 25.81%, respectively, negative 7.73%, 6.83% and 22.81%. These two indicators look at the trend of the year showed a recovery trend line, “the overall situation of machinery industry showed a larger decline in the first quarter, profits fell more than a quarter, the steady rise through the second quarter, third quarter accelerate the recovery in the fourth quarter reached a high level of growth. “

All industry categories in our country, the machinery industry to achieve a sharp rebound in the first, high-speed growth, the overall recovery of our economy, stimulating. Comparison from the data in 2009, 1? November, machinery industry total industrial added value rose 12.8%, higher than the national industrial growth rate 2.5 percentage points; main business revenue increase of 6.42 percentage points higher than the national industry, profit growth higher than the national industry 15.05 percent.

Active and visible policy role National policy guidance and support measures to drive the robot industry bottomed out the main factors. Among them, the cars,

Construction Machinery And agricultural machinery sub-sectors in particular benefit from the growth of the industry highlights.

2009, the state promulgated the “planning restructuring and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry”, the Ministry of Finance on domestic enterprises for the production of the major countries to support the development of technical equipment and products is necessary for the critical imports

Parts And raw materials, exemption from import duty and import VAT and other related policy decisions on production and demand equipment industry has a strong pulling effect, which greatly stimulated the equipment manufacturing business innovation initiative.

Chung, such as white, said: “In 2009, machinery industry accelerated the pace of technological innovation, new, and deeply Herald continued, a group of heavyweight products began to replace the imported product, on China’s nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, large ships, a large petrochemical,

Metallurgy Equipment, aerospace, and other strategic industries, and has important strategic significance. “

“Start the rural market as a powerful means of implementing a larger scale in China

Agricultural Machinery With purchase of subsidies for agricultural machinery to maintain overall growth provided a strong guarantee. The car in addition to benefiting from the rural market demand, the greater incentives and subsidies from the TM to buy small cars tax breaks. “White Bay as that.

Expected to maintain growth momentum In equipment manufacturing sentiment index by the report, the fourth quarter of 2009, export delivery value of the equipment manufacturing industry in China year on year decline narrowed the previous quarter, while the chain up, show signs of improvement in the situation of foreign trade.

“At present, the world’s machinery industry rising trend clear, the world’s industrial production index for machinery break 90 points, there have been ‘turning point’, the major machinery producers all up the chain of production index, Germany’s largest chain increased 40%, Japan 30% . “Pak Chung, such as that,” National Machinery Industry of the warming indicate that the world demand for industrial machinery and gradually pick up. “

2010, China continued to implement the proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy, combined with industrial policies, efforts to expand domestic demand will not weaken the strength to expand the consumer’s policies will be continued, and continue to be adjusted and improved. White Bay, such as that in 2010, the livelihood of some major projects, such as high-speed rail, nuclear, power, environmental protection, investment remains high on the demand for machinery products remained strong. 2010, the machinery industry, automobile, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery and electrical appliances, heavy equipment manufacturing, metal forming

Machine tool , Food packaging machinery still benefit from the policy of the industry.

“2010 to continue the use of machinery industry policy provides the opportunity to adjust industrial structure, eliminating low-level production capacity of major technologies and equipment to achieve new breakthroughs and major domestic construction projects based on the successful application to achieve our Electrical and Mechanical The structure optimization and upgrading of export products, increased exports of value-added, high-end industrial machinery and equipment to improve our technologies and products in international market share. “Pak Chung, such as that.