Forums For Advertising?

Well, yes and no. This is probably the greatest form of non advertising, advertising that you will ever find. If that sounds like a lot of double talk, it’s not. Forums, especially the very popular ones, can bring you more sales, if done right, than any other form of advertising on the Internet. But you have to be patient because this isn’t something that you can just dive right into.

Okay, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering, if you can’t advertise in a forum, then how can you advertise in a forum?

Let me explain.

Most forums, though not all, will allow you a signature. You can usually put anything you like in this signature, but check the particular forum rules for just what you can do. What I do is simple. I put my name and then under it I put a brief description of what I want to promote, usually one line, and then under that, the URL of the site. And that’s it.

Now, the key is to get people to actually look at your signature because most people don’t. How do you do that? By building credibility. How?

This is what you do.

After you join the forum, don’t start your own thread. Look at other threads, particular ones that ask a question, like “How do I respond to a JV request?” Read the post and if you know the answer, respond to it. Make it a fairly lengthy response so that the answer is really helpful. Do this for as many posts as you can find that you know the answer to. Eventually, people will start to recognize you. But don’t answer 80 posts in one day unless you REALLY have the smarts to back them up.

Anyway, keep doing this. After people get to know you, then you can start your own posts, but no ads. I usually will make a post with some suggestions about how to do something. I will usually get a lot of thank you’s for those. Or sometimes I will even ask a question myself. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re really stumped on something. Shows you’re human.

You do this long enough at enough forums and you will start seeing sales come in by the bucket full. Two forums in particular that I am a member of are responsible for a big chunk of my product sales. So take my advice. Hang out in forums. If you contribute, the rewards will come.

Good place to start Digitalpoint Forum